A letter from the UK....

Dat er meer dan voetbal is, bleek maar weer eens uit een mooie brief die we ontvingen van een van de deelnemers aan de Hattem Trophy.

Dear Sirs,

May I take a brief time to express my thanks to you for organising a fantastic football tournament for young players from five countries. East Grinstead Football Academy who played as U15 representatives had a fine time and send our best wishes to you for your hospitality and kindness.

As our playing kit suggested we have an association with Crystal Palace F C and they have asked me also to offer their thanks . Most of our boys come from London and we were impressed by the sensitivity shown by V V Hattem officials to the news from home over the weekend. Our opponents in the U15 Cup Final FC Gobelins deserve especially gratitude. In a show of solidarity our team and there?s linked arms after the final to pose for pictures. They offered us their cup , a lovely gesture from a great set of young people.

I attach some photographs that you may use in whatever way you feel is useful. Once again thank you so much for your hospitality to the boys and their supporters.

kind regards

Greg Burgess

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